Community Supported Agriculture: CSA

What is Community Supported Agriculture?

A model in which members pay for a season's worth of farm fresh produce up-front. Becoming a CSA member gives you, our friends, family, and community the opportunity to support a local, sustainable farm and small business while gaining direct access to fresh, nourishing produce. By supporting us early in the season, you are investing in the hard work that we (your farmers!) put in throughout the growing season.

How It Works:

As a member of our CSA you will choose between 3 sizes of membership in our online store:


Large for $650 

Medium for $400

Small for $250


Once you become a member, you will receive a prepaid card with either $715, $440, or $275 loaded onto it, depending on the option you choose. This amount reflects a bonus of 10% of what you paid. This bonus is our way of saying Thank You!


For your reference, over the roughly 24 week season:

$715 is about $30/week 

$440 is about $18/week

$275 is about $11.50/week


You can then use your card throughout the season at our Farm Store, Online Store and Chester Farmers Market.

Why Choose Deep Hollow Farm:

Freedom and choice! You can buy what produce you want, when you want.


Our CSA card is just like your own debit card so you can buy a lot one week and a little the next, whatever works for you. You can take weeks off, you can go on vacation and don't have to worry about missing your share for the week. 

When/Where/How To Use Your CSA Card:


Online Store

You can choose your vegetables yourself a la carte or we will have an option for people looking for the “traditional CSA” experience. This option will be called the Farmer’s Choice Box and will contain what we the farmers have chosen for that week. It will typically be crops that we have in abundance and are at their peak. You can think of this option as a traditional CSA “share”. 


You can receive your produce ordered online in 2 ways:

1. Delivery

-If you choose the delivery option, your order will be delivered to your home on Wednesday.

-Wednesday is the only delivery day.

-To have your order delivered, you must order by Monday at 7:00pm.

-Delivery is limited to customers within 10 miles of the farm. Please contact us if you are farther than 10 miles and are interested in the delivery option. 

-The delivery fee is $5 and the minimum order for delivery is $10.

2. Pick Up

-If you do not choose the delivery option, you will pick up your order on Saturday from 9:00am-2:00pm at our Farm Store.

-Saturday is the only pick up day.

-To have your order ready for pick up on Saturday, you must order by Thursday at 7:00pm.

Our Farm Store

Open on Saturdays in May-November from 9:00am-2:00pm.

-You can use your CSA card to buy produce at our Farm Stand.

-You can pick up your order made online.

The Chester Farmers Market

Sundays June-October from 10:00am-1:00pm

-You can use your CSA card at our market tent.

-You cannot pick up an online order.

More Information:

In the beginning and end of the growing season the produce selection and quantity will be limited.

Our season starts slowly around May with limited vegetables such as radishes, salad greens, and spinach. By the summer we will have everything from beets and carrots, to kale and cucumbers, to peppers and tomatoes. Finally in November, the season will wind down and finish with more greens and root crops.

You can check out our Crop Calendar below for more details!

Therefore, you will probably use less money from your CSA card in the beginning of the season and more in the peak season during summer and fall. As you might imagine, certain crops might not be available some weeks depending on the weather and other variables. In addition, please note that we aren't growing some crops like winter squash and potatoes.

We hope to see you soon!

-Christine and Andrew 


2021 Crop Calendar

*Subject To Change*

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